An advanced way to analyze skin is by using a skin scope. Backed by the technology of facial topography, this skin scope can analyze skin condition and detect and interpret skin problems. It has the ability to identify skin types that co-exists on an individual’s face. Skin diseases and problems can be easily detected using a skin scope. Uses black light to illuminate imperfections and dryness in the client’s skin. This device is able to examine skin in minute. Indications of Color:

Color and Skin:
1. White with cyan: Healthy skin
2. Yellow with cyan: Greasy skin
3. Purple with cyan: Dry skin
4. Dark purple: Highly dry skin, Dehydrated Skin
5. Orange: Acne greasy skin
6. Light yellow: Acne fester skin
7. Brown and dark brown: Pigmentation skin
8. Purple: Sensitive skin
9. White fluorescence: Thick Corneum Skin
Measures: 36*24*9cm
G.W :1.6kg
Power :100w



 Rp 750.000







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